Sharpen Your unitedstreaming skills and WIN!

Wisconsin DEN ONLY PROMOTION: Interactive Training Modules Qualify You for the DVD Burner Raffle — Must complete modules by March 28!  Winner announced on March 31, 2006!


Wisconsin DEN members who have read the recent email update sent to all members this past week should already know about a great opportunity to hone your unitedstreaming skills!   You can win an external CD/DVD burner which will become a vital resource for digital media storage and for making your own digital stories or instructional videos if you take on the CHALLENGE.  Completing the modules will give you added confidence and insights, provide you with access to very helpful downloaded resources in PDF format, and will enhance future sharing and training sessions that you lead.

All you have to do to qualify for the CD/DVD burner raffle is complete the fantastic Interactive Training Modules and do the assessment found in the Teacher Center of unitedstreaming.  These modules cover four key lessons and a enable you to complete a 40 question assessment.   If you complete the modules, take the assessment, and receive at least 70% correct you will be able to download a completion certificate!  Next, send me a copy of the certificate… just like Brian Bartel has already done! 


Lesson 1: Features & Navigation
Learn to use features and resources that correlate to your curriculum, subject area, and grade level.

Lesson 2: Integration Strategies
Learn to use digital media to create multimedia lesson plans with PowerPoint and Inspiration.

Lesson 3: Differentiated Instruction
Explore ways digital media can be used to meet the diverse needs of students.

Lesson 4: Teacher Training and Technical Considerations
Examine strategies, support materials, and technical considerations for training other teachers

How much time will this take?  Probably about 4 hours but most educators will take their time, finish a segment, and continue at a later date and time. You can easily do this because your session is saved at the point you end. You can return to your interactive training sessions at your convenience – at home in your pj’s or during a quiet moment after school.  I love how Sharon Metcalf, Director, Teacher Training & Partnerships, and our training team cCimg1151reated this resource in an easy to use and fun, interactive way!

Meet Sharon Metcalf

Sharon loves to ice skate and coordinated a fun skating event for DEN Field Managers and our Discovery Education trianing team just before the Christmas holidays.

Don’t forget to send me a copy of your completion certificate by 10pm on March 28, 2006! The winner of the external CD/DVD burner will be announced on Friday, March 31 by noon! 🙂


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  1. Keith Schroeder said:

    This is SO COOL! I’m going to share this with our science teams studying the planets. There’s lots of good information! Thanks for notifying us of this.

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