DEN Certification Modules

Want to learn more, but running out of time and can’t get a substitute?  Want to be able to get staff development credit from the comfort of your own home?  There are two great, easy, and free ways to learn more about unitedstreaming and being a trainer of unitedstreaming.  Simple login to unitedstreaming and go to TEACHER CENTER.  There are two trainings available for users!

INTERACTIVE TRAINING – for unitedstreaming  (even after being a trainer for 3+ years, I even learned some new things here!)

Lesson 1: Features & Navigation
Learn to use features and resources that correlate to your curriculum, subject area, and grade level.
Lesson 2: Integration Strategies
Learn to use digital media to create multimedia lesson plans with PowerPoint and Inspiration.
Lesson 3: Differentiated Instruction
Explore ways digital media can be used to meet the diverse needs of students.
Lesson 4: Teacher Training and Technical Considerations
Examine strategies, support materials, and technical considerations for training other teachers

DISCOVERY EDUCATOR NETWORK CERTIFICATION MODULE – This practical interactive lesson prepares you (a Discovery Educator) to present unitedstreaming training to others, providing ideas for agendas, lessons, and hints for working with adult learners. 

Upon successful completion of these module and assessments, you can download a customized certificate for professional development credit. To be an ACTIVE DEN MEMBER – you need to let me know when you have completed these!!!  Best of luck!!!  Can you make a 100% on the assessements?


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  1. Pam Neven said:

    I’m trying to access the DEN certificate module and I’m not getting there. Is it up and going now?

  2. Annette McKee said:

    I’m having trouble connecting to the DEN certification module as well, could you check the hyperlink? Thanks

  3. Annette McKee said:

    I found it! You will need to open united streaming and go to the teacher center. From there, it is listed under the teacher community.

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