DEN goes global

What do Sydney, Cairns, Perth, Aukland, Wellington, Singapore, Tai Pei and Hong Kong all have in common? They’re all places that are going to be visited by Discovery Educator Josh Wolff during his trek around the Pacific Rim!

In just a few weeks, Josh is going to be heading out and
bringing some incredible travel experiences to students around the world. He is going to be your agent in the field, the center of 12 weeks worth of international learning experiences. Josh will be hanging out with the cast and crew from 5 Takes, an innovative and interactive program on the Travel
Channel. He will be traveling with them as they explore Australia, New Zealand and Asia. The best part is, you and your students will be able to direct him to specific locations that you want him to explore.

Josh will be sharing his adventures overseas through blogs, vlogs, digital photos and message boards. Want to share Josh’s adventures? Keep an eye out here for more details about the journey in the next few weeks.


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