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A little over a month ago I posted a blog entry about third and fourth grade students who posted a podcast to their blog about WIKI’s.  Well, they’re not the only ones in that classroom podcasting.  Bob Sprankle, teacher of the Room 208 Scholars, shares his (and others) thoughts through his podcast entitled bit by bit: by a teacher, for teachers.  In this week’s show, Seedlings Podcast @ Bit by Bit: Show 02, Bob shares his “techie thing of the week.”  His description of a free technology that allows you to easily email voice recordings intrigued me…I had to give it a try.  Two words, very cool! 

sprindoo ( allows you to easily record up to ten minutes of a message then provides a link that can be pasted into an email and sent to anyone.  Incidentally, you can also paste the link into other applications, like IM for example.  Sometimes it’s just easier to say it than put it in a lengthy email.  Try it out…and here is some incentive.  I’ll send the first two Discovery Educator Network members that send me an email ( with a springdoo message a Discovery Education shirt.  So springdoo me and I’ll springdoo you right back!


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  1. Scott Kinney said:

    Congratulations to the first two DEN members who sent me a springdoo – Diana Laufenberg from Mount Elden Middle School in Flagstaff, AZ and Kristin Hokanson from my home state of PA! Both on the ball, one arriving at 10:34 last night and one at 8:18 this morning.

  2. Kayla Steiner said:

    I discovered another resource a few weeks ago along those same lines that I’d like to share – AudioBlogger ( allows you to “phone in” audio posts that get posted online to your blog (at You do have to set up a Blogger account first (free at and then, when you subscribe to AudioBlogger (also free) it will provide you with a phone number and PIN to call to “phone in” your voice entry.

  3. Scott Kinney said:


    This sounds great. I immediately sent it to Steve (our online manager) to see if we could incorporate that feature in the future. Thanks for sharing!

    – Scott

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