TNT Day – What's This?

Today I had the pleasure of attending the Technologists of North Texas Day of Collaboration.  It was hosted by HEB ISD and sponsored by TENOR, which stands for Technology Educators Non-Official Roundtable.  TENOR is an organization of technology educators from different school districts around the metroplex.  Janet Corder, Instructional Technology Integration Coordinator from Carroll ISD and DEN member and Lisa Ham, Instructional Technology Director from Keller ISD and soon-to-be DEN member (hint, hint), lead this non-traditional group in their quest for improving technology in our schools.  It seems to me this group focuses on learning, sharing, excellence, and FUN!  I felt completely welcomed the minute I walked into the room.

It was so nice to be a learning member of the group today.  I attended several sessions of blogging, Photostory, Google Earth, and Excel databases.  The beauty of these presentations was not only that they were 20 minutes in length (just the basics), but they were practical ideas that are being used in classrooms today.  I took away several things from my day.  First, Janet Corder and Joan Gore (Lewisville ISD) shared ways that students can populate Excel databases with facts and lists of information.  Students research their one area, and then travel around to insert their data into everyone’s computer.  You can extend this idea by sorting and manipulating the data.  Of course, I had an idea of creating hyperlinks in the Excel spreadsheet to unitedstreaming video clips.  This would help create a media-rich collection of data.  Hhhhmmmm, always thinking how we integrate video!  I also learned how to get my music files into my Photostory – if only I had known this at midnight last week!!! (Thanks Vicki and Jim) I saw such great things going on out there and wonderful enthusiasm for technology integration!!!  I hope to incorporate more of what I learned today in future DEN events! 


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  1. Vicki Hart said:

    I think this was a great day for all of us to get together and share. I am glad that Michelle got to attend our meeting. I will make sure that Lisa gets her application turned in. 🙂 I look forward to more DEN events!

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