What is Leadership?

Access Learning magazine is preparing a segment for a future issue for which they are looking for feedback from educators on the meaning of leadership.  I can think of no group better prepared to answer this question than the members of the Discovery Educator Network.   

If you would like to participate, please send your 150-word response to Access Learning magazine, Cable in the Classroom’s educator’s guide by March 15, 2006. Responses should be 150 words or less. Please include your name, title, organization/school, email address, and phone number. Selected responses will be published in the June issue of Access Learning. Authors of published responses will receive $75.  The question to be answered is as follows:

Leadership is….?

Making change happen in schools–whether it’s creating a new curriculum, adopting new instructional techniques, using new technologies, or establishing a learning environment that supports excellence–requires leadership.

  • What is your definition of leadership in education
  • What are the key characteristics of effective leaders in your school?
  • What are your practical tips and best advice for aspiring school and classroom leaders?

Send your responses to leadership@ccicrosby.com

Good Luck!  (This message is also posted on the discoveryeducatornetwork.com discussion boards – feel free to go there to weigh in with your thoughts on leadership after you have submitted your entry!)


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