You never know who’ll you’ll find manning the Discovery Booth

Sany0316 When weather threatened to keep the Discovery booth unmanned at the California Association for the Gifted’s 44th Annual Conference, Hall Davidson jumped in. There for meetings to establish a challenge for gifted students on the DiscoveryEducatorNetwork site (by posting video clips, still images, and music for assembly into a project) and do a "Digital Nuts and Bolts" session much like the webinar at EdTechConnect (resources at, Hall jumped behind the tablecloth.  He discovered that assembling a booth is much like a Raven test, proving that all Discovery sales people are gifted.  Discovery booths, it turns out, have nifty projectors and very cool speakers, which work with iPods as well as computers….There was huge interest in unitedstreaming from the teachers of the gifted and also many inquiries from parents about the upcoming home version from Discovery, due for an official launch March 13.   There was interest from home schooling organizations as well as the academy for the profoundly gifted.  The Discovery Educator Network and the California Association of the Gifted have collaborated in offering Tech Saturdays for members across California and the waiting email list is growing for the next series.  If you think your state’s gifted organization would like something similar, leave a comment.  (Note:  We take the position that all students are gifted, one way or another…). 

PS Lots of interesting people can be found at Discovery Booths. And they don’t come just for the pens and alligator clips.  Check the calendar for more sitings…


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  1. Linda Chiles said:

    Now you know the answer to the eternal question…Can DEN Managers assemble the booths? Absolutely! Wish I could have been there too!

  2. Hall Davidson said:

    Very funny, Mr. Brennon. The deeper question is could they disassemble it after dinner. Especially at Boca’s….

  3. Hall Davidson said:

    Somehow, I can never get Buca right. I move it into Spanish everytime. For Brennan, I have no excuse. I should have known an educator like you would have only an “E” and an “A”. I stand inspected and corrected. And, given the room, resurrected.

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