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Before I was a field manager, I was a member of the Discovery Educator Network. As a member, I found out that Discovery really cared about who I was as an educator. The support was phenomenal! And they listened! I also made some great friends within my state and in Pennsylvania, Texas, California, and Georgia. The network gave us a chance to meet and stay connected.

Now I am in the position of recruiting new members to this great organization, planning events, and so much more! Our first event is a pre-conference at FETC, which you can find more information on further down this page. (Still a few slots left if you’re interested in joining us for the pre-conference or the dinner, or both!) There are more events to be planned, and I would love your feedback. Just respond to the blog and tell me your ideas for some great events! A camping trip with lessons on Google Earth, Earth Science, Haiku writing, and technology? Digital Storytelling? You tell me what you’re interested in!

And watch this space for your chance to apply to our regional event in Atlanta, GA!

Calendar_guy_march_lg_nwm_2   Also, as a member you have a chance to take part in various promotions. We are ready to announce  a National Promotion, where everyone is a winner! We have declared March as ""March Blogness" month. By subscribing to the blog, you’ll receive an email every time there is an update. Saves you time and energy in remembering to check it weekly. Not only do you win by saving time and energy, everyone who subscribes to the blog will receive a luggage tag ID. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! Here’s a flyer with some more information. Download march_blogness_month.doc

Jumping_question_lg_nwmI just received an email from a great Florida educator, and she asked, "How do I become a member of the network?" I am so glad she asked!

First you need to go to Discovery Educator Network and register for the site with your username and password from unitedstreaming. Next, you need to click on the link "What is DEN?" on the left hand side in the green box. Next, you click on "Become a Discovery Educator" and finally the link that says "apply". You’ll need to be prepared to upload a resource when applying. One of the benefits of being a member is having access to the resources that other great Discovery Educators across the nation are creating. In return, we ask that you share some of your great resources!

So make sure that you apply to be a member when you register for the site!

I’m looking forward to meeting some of our great members at our first statewide event. If you have any questions, please contact me!

And don’t forget, reply to this posting with some event ideas!


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