A trip to Mars (almost!)

Wow… check out Google Mars!  How cool is this!

The late-breaking news just released a few hours ago is that Google has landed on Mars!  Google now links us to the Red Planet via Google Mars!  We now have access to false-color elevation, black and white visual , or infrared imagery of Mars.  You and your students can even check out the "Face" or take a look at the other Mars landing sites, dunes, craters, canyons, mountains, plains, ridges or any of a wealth of "placemarks" provided.   The Google Earth placemarks are hyperlinked to the Arizona State University "Mars Odyssey Mission" web — THEMIS (thermal emission imaging system) where research and development of the mission instrumentation is based.   Check out the details on the Odyssey Mission and invite students to explore Mars today via Google Mars.

I can’t imagine any educator or student not intrigued by "other worlds."  Space exploration is the ultimate adventure!  There’s a special place in my heart for Mars since the days I worked on the Live from Mars elecontronic field trip project with the NASA Quest Team — a great resource for all educators exploring the universe with students.   

  • How are you using geospatial resources like Google Earth with your students? 
  • Have you planted any geospatial related career seeds in the minds of your students yet? 
  • Have you checked out http://www.geospatial21.org/  yet?   What a cool site is this!  Students can explore the technology behind satellite imaging and consider a career path on the leading edge!    Don’t miss the videos online on the Air Force’s Predator and remote sensing!   

Keith Schroeder, Marinette DEN member, and I are plotting and planning a Google Earth-GPS-Geocaching workshop for this summer!  More news to come as the details are flushed out.


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