Cosmeo is Here!

Cosmeologo200p Today, Discovery launched its newest educational service – CosmeoCosmeo is a web-based homework aid that includes more than 30,000 video clips, thousands of documents, pictures, brain games and links to "trusted" websites.

Read more about Cosmeo in the USA Today


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  1. Beth Weeks said:

    The Cosmeo site is very cool!!! I could use that in my classroom as well… tell the kids to do some research… get video and pictures and info…. by using Cosmeo… their work with come up with some really great info to use!!! And the step by step math! Now that was pretty cool!!!

  2. Jeanette Walter said:

    Wow! I love it. What a great asset for parents and teachers. I especially like that there is a parent account where a parent can monitor the progress of their child. I wish I had had step-by-step math when I was in school!!! I might have caught on without the tutoring!

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