I Cosmeo, I Can

Think digital media has helped your students learn?  Then you’re going to love the latest from Discovery Education!

Today Discovery launched Cosmeo, (formerly known as Discovery Learning Connection), a website with over 30,000 videos and a wide variety of educational activities for students.  Content is tailored to match state curriculum standards as well! 

Think unitedstreaming, but designed with kids in mind and accessible from the home.  They really did it up to, students can customize the look and feel of it the site in a ton of ways.  But once they get beyond how it looks, they’ll find a site that’s not only a ton of fun to play around with, but will also be a valuable resource to them when they’re studying or doing homework.  Of course, parental controls are built in and incoprorated throughout the site.

Check it out for yourself though.  You can’t go wrong with a free trial!


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