March Blogness Month: Guest Bloggers

As part of March Blogness Month, I have invited 18 Discovery Educators to be guest bloggers.  They will each post once this month and the blogger who receives the most comments on his/her post by March 30 (5 PM EST) will receive a pizza party for his/her class or faculty.  Unlike the NCAA tournament, we don’t have brackets or seedings.  And, due to the ease of rigging the contest, please no betting 🙂  But, please take some time to read what your colleagues have to say.  It should be a lot of fun.

The lineup is below. 

March 16 – Sue K. and Rosie P.
March 17 – Erik W. and Sue A.
March 20 – Chris C. and Jeff R.
March 21 – Julia M. and Mike C.
March 22 – Barb B. and Cathy G.
March 23 – Jennifer D. and Dave M.
March 24 – Linda N. and Lynda H.
March 27 – Maryann M. and RJ Stangherlin
March 28 – Phy C. and Brad O.
March 29 – Jim H. and Peggy B.


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  1. Kristin Hokanson said:

    I think this is SUCH a fun way to include the members–It was great to see so many familiar names–can’t wait to hear what is going on in everyone’s classrooms and buildings:)

  2. Susan Keck said:

    This guest blogging has been great so far. I love reading the blogs of other DEN educators – the expertise, passion, and commitment to education is admirable. So far, it has been really fun to read and respond to these amazing educators!

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