Wow!  What a whirlwind the day was… but at the end of the day I stood back and watched the most 130 amazing educators I know networking… breaking down the barriers of their school, district, county, and region… truly connecting with their most valuable resource… each other!

The halls were truly buzzing with the word of our big DEN event, as educators dropped by early to see if there was anything they could do to help out. It didn’t take long before Everyone started lining up for this DEN only event! 

It was inspiring to see our Discovery Educators begin connecting, even before they crossed through the doors.  All attendees received t-shirts, luggage tags, posters, a variety of other goodies, and a catered Mexican dinner.  Some even were big winners in our raffle.  Steve Dembo spurred the crowd on by showcasing the website and giving us a short lesson on blogs and podcasting. Hall Davidson was his entertaining self. Corona Norco Teachers from Highland Elementary shared how they overcome obstacles of funding for technology.  All of these components added up to an extremely successful 1st annual CUE DEN event.

A special thanks to all those who helped Susan and I prepare for this event… Ray W, Marie, Gene, Ray H, Craig, Lindsay, and Mark.AcheersCnusdGreg_and_the_hall_davidsonAden1_2Agreatfinish Ahangin Amingle Amm Atoast  Aden2 Aden3 Afullroom Afunnyface

So let’s hear it… what was your favorite part of the night… who did you meet… what did you learn… what was your favorite CUE session?  Inquiring minds want to know!


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  1. Ray Waller said:

    CUE was incredible!!! I felt like a compressed zip file just waiting to burst out and download all the information I attempted to absorb from the conference. The DEN event was way cool…what a pleasure it was to serve ( )
    Alan November was my favorite speaker ( the internet literacy quiz , and just getting to network and find out how technolgy is being used…we just need to get the word back to our schools.

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