No Excuses Here

DEN members from Saddleback, Fontana, Etiwanda, and Del Mar gave no excuses… even when report cards were due the next day… they showed up, networked, and gained insight on our new DEN website from the webmaster Steve Dembo!  A big THANK YOU to all who participated in this DEN event! 

We also were able to meet with the special Grade Level Gold group!  If you haven’t heard of this dynamic team, it’s definitely worth taking a look at!  Here’s a short description…

Grade Level Gold is a “for-teachers” “by-teachers” service that sends grade and content specific links to its subscribers once a week. The links are hand picked to coincide with the relevant curriculum during that time of the year. In addition each weekly Grade Level Gold email contains the California State Content Standards associated with the latest link. Grade Level leaders post what websites they feel are best for their grade level every week.

Go to to learn more!

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  1. Grace Hauseur said:

    Jannita was so excited to share the wonderful Grade Level Gold resource with California DEN members that she forgot to mention that the amazing Hall Davidson was also it attendance! Steve Dembo did an outstanding job setting up the new DEN website and explaining all the features to us at this westcoast premiere event! But those of us in attendance all learned the secret behind Steve, and I am going to tell! Steve is not only a phenomenal techno geek, he was a kindergarten teacher before he was snatched up, as in heavily recruited, by Discovery! This explains all! Oh, also, not to be left unsaid, the door prizes were exceptional! Can you tell that I won one? Good karma definitely played a hand in this. I first met Jannita and Hall at a San Diego County Office of Education event about the Discovery HealthConnect online licensed resource and that is what I won – a six month license for HealthConnect! So DEN members you must get active and attend DEN region events!

  2. Grace Hauseur said:

    I forgot to mention that I teach in Del Mar but I live in Pacific Beach so the drive to the DEN event was a good 1 hr. and 45 min. each way and WELL WORTH the TRAVEL TIME. How many of us do our best thinking in the car? I had pleanty of quality time to reflect on everything that Steve, Jannita, and Hall had to share.
    Grace Hauseur, Del Mar Union School District

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