Sad to be Leaving Virginia

Vste_2_1After back-to-back trips, first to Harrisonburg for the WVPT NTTI and next to the Virginia Society for Technology in Education conference (VSTE), I am sad to be leaving the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Friday, I ended the first leg of my visit by spending time with some incredible educators at James Madison University, presenting a few sessions on unitedstreaming and its educational applications.  As promised, I have included the PowerPoint I used in those presentations below.  A special hello and thank you to my new friends (and soon to be Discovery Educators) Tracey, Julie and Maria!

Vste_1_1This morning, I started my day at the VSTE conference by attending a session entitled, “Engaging and Involving the Digital Mindset” by Deneen Frazier Bowen.  Deneen, also the keynote speaker for the conference, discussed the numerous advantages of involving students in the process of technology implementation at the school and district level. 

Later in the morning, about seventy Virginia educators and I discussed the growing diversity in America’s classrooms and ways in which technology (and of course unitedstreaming) can support that diversity.  I have posted that presentation below as well.  Overall, my trips to Virginia were incredible and I look forward to the Commonwealth growing into a strong community of active and engaged Discovery Educators.

Download di_and_us_ntti.ppt

Download di_and_us_vste.ppt


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  1. Tracey Jones Saxon said:

    Thanks for the “shout out” Scott – the powerpoint is awesome! Please come visit us again soon!


  2. Julie said:

    Hi Scott,

    Enjoyed meeting you and your presentations. Thanks for the powerpoints!


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