Check out DEN Maryland and Downloadable MovieMaker Resources

DEN Maryland recently held a great workshop on MovieMaker 2.1 by Microsoft – a free digital video editing program which many educators have found to be an excellent digital storytelling software for Windows XP OS computers.   Check out what Rachel Amstutz, DEN Maryland Field Manager, shares about last Friday’s MovieMaker event!  You will find a POWERPOINT slide show and two useful resource handouts shared by Rachel and her team of DEN leaders.  Very cool.

Moviemakerscreenshot MovieMaker’s user-friendly interface is easy to navigate and enables you to create digital stories using images, sounds, narration, music, and videoclips.

That’s what the DEN is all about — empowering each other by sharing resources, sharing experiences, and helping us all grow professionally and as colleagues and friends.     With that in mind… here is my Digital Storytelling Helpful URLs for anyone who would like to have resource links relating to Digital Storytelling which are powerful assists to developing your digital story.

Download _jan_wees_digital_storytelling_helpful_web_resources.doc

Also, check out DEN Illinois’ Strong Ties to Digital Stories where you can learn much more about related digital storytelling resources and techniques in digital storytelling design that will enhance your project.  Thanks to Dick Marchessault, DEN Field Manager, Illinois!

If Wisconsin DEN Member schools have a Windows XP computer lab environment, MovieMaker 2.0, a flexible technology coordinator willing to help with setup for a workshop and the willingness to host a MovieMaker digital storytelling event, let me know!  I have just today submitted a 2 credit course overview to Viterbo University and hope to be able to offer Digital Storytelling as a summer 2006 course for DEN members and interested educators.  🙂  Summer is a great time to get these workshops scheduled but the calendar is filling fast so please connect if you would like to host an event!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!


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