Summer_sun_sm_wht Are you feeling the heat? I’m starting to!

First, we’re getting very warm for our first statewide event, our pre-conference at FETC. Our own version of Spring Training has our bases loaded with some hot sessions and Stadium2 VIPS. It all starts promptly at 9:30 am on March 22nd. If you are planning to ride the bus, it rolls out of the convention center at 8:45. Look for me and four other DEN field managers wearing our baseball hats. If you’re driving, here are the Download teco.doc , courtesy of Karen. National Blog Winners. We’re going to "Blog Around the World" to win some prizes and learn even more about this powerful tool. Plus, we’re going to network our hearts out!

Then we get even hotter as we enjoy dinner at Dixie Crossroads with the

You’ll want to come by the booth to meet the team. We’ve got some great announcements, sessions,Sun_hot_md_clr_2 and prizes to win. You can learn more about Cosmeo. (Have you seen the sing-along commercial? First person to sing me the song at the conference will get a USB drive.) There’s just going to be so much going on in the Discovery Booth! I can’t tell you why, but I’d want to be there at 9:15 on Thursday morning. It’s going to get hot! 

Thermometer_burst_lg_nwm We’ll be getting you travel ready with our hottest news yet – our first regional, sizzling, summer institute in none other than Hot ‘Lanta, GA! This is your chance to network with other DEN members from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, South Florida and North Florida as we learn how to give our students a voice with blogs, podcasting, and digital stories. (One North Florida DEN member has already sent her application in. She read about it on the National Blog Site, which I’m sure she has subscribed to! She has March Blogness!) There are only six slots, so you need to check your calendar and then apply by emailing the final Download denri_app2.doc  to me. Deadline is March 31st!

Sun_playing_with_beach_ball_sm_clr_2 Here’s the agenda so far:

Arrive on June 19th in time for a dessert session at 7:30. (Hotel accommodations and meals will be taken care of by the Discovery Educator Network)

The 20th is jammed pack with all sorts of sessions to broaden our horizons in educational technology, specifically in blogs, pods and digital storytelling.

21st has been reserved for some "field work" as we explore Atlanta.

Put all the pieces together on the 22nd in time for a lunchtime celebration and goodbyes.

Hot_md_clr So do you feel the heat? I sure do! But watch out, because we’re just getting started!


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