All Ahoy! DEN Goes Abroad:

Get Connected!  Discovery Educator Abroad…brings authentic learning to your classroom!

Here’s your ticket to the world! First stop: Pacific Rim

Follow Discovery Educator’s own Josh Wolff, New York middle school educator, adventures as he journeys with the cast and crew of the Travel Channel show 5 Takes: Pacific Rim.


He will be blogging four times per week, creating 2 webisodes per week, and sharing tons of digital photos as he travels around Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and other parts of the Pacific Rim. Josh will be spending one week in each location, starting in Sydney where he is right now.

On Wednesday, he will be visiting a school in Australia and welcoming our FIRST international DEN member there!   HOW COOL is that!  We now have international DEN members!

Students and Teachers around the world can vote on different places for Josh to go visit, as well as ask him questions on the message boards and have him research things for him. This is a fantatsic opportunity for students to travel virtually through a Discovery Educator. In addition, their suggestions will invluence his webisodes, which will eventually make their way into unitedstreaming!

SO, stop by and check it out! Feel free to blog about it and share it at your events.


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