Mike Cichocki on "Need Your Help – A.K.A. Lance"

From Discovery Educator (at least until the end of the week) Mike Cichocki:

We all love that every Friday this wonderful man sends us an e-mail keeping us up to date with all the DEN updates, AKA LANCE. In this age of digital media, and original User Names, I feel we should create an nice user account for LANCE, and come up with a good screen name for him.  Think of a good name, post a reply and let everyone see.  Be creative, it could be a play on words or an ACRONYM for the letters of his name.  Here is what I think one could be…

L – Ladies
A – Adore
N – Nice
C – Charming
E – Entertainers

Now you can put a PICTURE to the face too!  Find a nice image that captures LANCE’s emotion in digital form from unitedstreaming  Select a good photo, and let everyone know why you picked the image you did, or enhance the picture and put your creativity to the test.  Post your reply to this posting and see what others see in LANCE.  I was thinking a huge image of the Steelers Logo, but…..  better than that, use PHOTO STORY 3 and make a short clip of your fondest memories.  Now, that is using technology to its best.

This is a chance for our creativity to shine through.  Help Lance find his identity.


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