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Hello Northern California! We are official!  We have our very own northern California blog! It will take us a while to get everything in place.  I say, "us" because I need your help!  I want this to be a community blog site… not just a place for my ranting and raving!  (Although I can be good at that too!)  So, as I add things, please post your comments.  If you have suggestions, don’t be afraid to share those too!  How can we make this an open forum?  Here are some categories that I am considering:  Sensational Headlines, Coming Attractions, Techno News, Comical Kids, Help Wanted, For Sale – FREE!, and Bloopers.  What do you think?  Oh, and don’t forget to "subscribe" in the upper right hand corner!


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  1. Cindi said:

    I think those are very good categories to begin with. Can you add a WOW one as well? For those moments in class or out that something just “clicks” with us or with a student?

  2. Scott Johnson said:

    Yea Susan! I’m glad northern California has it’s own blog site. I can’t wait to start sharing and learning. This will be a great opportunity for us!

  3. Jeff Peach said:

    How about one for the Media Festival? The deadline is coming up (I think April 15th) and it is a very cool festival for kids, the “Academy Awards” for Kids in California. Southern Cal is hosted by Hall Davidson it doesn’t get any better. We have one in Northern Cal too.

  4. Susan Staat said:

    Hey Jeff! Would you write an article about the film festival here in northern California? I’m sure many of us would like to know more about it. We might not be able to make the April 15th deadline for submissions, but it would be fun to attend the event and see the fabulous films. This could be a great DEN event for us! There is also a fabulous film festival in Visalia (May 20th) – [Russ, if you are reading this, please send us information about Visalia’s event!!]

  5. Jannita Demian said:

    Congrats on the Northern California DEN Blog… you all will be rocking and rolling now!

  6. Terry VanNoy said:

    Susan, it’s great to have you with us. Although we DEN teachers in Mead School District (Washington state, near Spokane)are far away, we are reading the blogs and getting involved. Jannita D. visited us in January and we were able to get about 20 teachers signed up as DEN educators. My url listed takes you to our “Tech Blog” which is a place where we celebrate what is happening in classrooms across the district, provide tutorials or links to cool stuff on the web. I hope it is interesting for occasional visitors! Any idea if and/or when a Washington region will be created? Take care. . .

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