These Alum Rock-in' Kids are Crazy About Computers

Alum_rock_kids_picture2_2 Kids_picture5_1

The Alum Rock Youth Center provided the backdrop for at least 100 beaming students, their proud parents and their (probably exhausted) teachers at the 2006 Alum Rock Student Technology Showcase. 

Alum_rock_superintendent_1Superintendent Anthony Russo reminisced about the days when we used carbon paper and typewriters!  He congratulated everyone on a job well done including Showcase organizer and northern CalAlum_rockettes_3ifornia DEN member, Dr. Nancy Pang.

This event was a huge success due to a team effort.  DEN members Carolyn Tuomy and Cathie Berg were part of this  team.  At the end of the evening, everyone was all smiles! 

…especially the kids!Alum_rock_kids_picture3_4 Alum_rock_kidsAlum_rock_kids_picture4



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  1. Cathie Berg said:

    One of the best things about our Technology Showcase was the inclusion of unitedstreaming. It was great to see some of the projects include unitedstreaming, but it was wonderful to see the other teachers get tuned in to the media. We have been preaching and jumping up and down about all the great features. When the teachers saw actual projects they too started to dance. Hopefully, we should get some more DEN members from this!

  2. Karen May said:

    What was the premise of the event? Ground rules? …sounds like an interesting idea for an event.

  3. sharonj said:

    What a beautiful presentation format to engage families!

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