Weekly Update: March 24, 2006

Hi, everyone.  I hope you had a great week.  Mine was okay, although I struggled to get much done in the hot Orlando weather.  But, the Florida Ed Tech Conference (FETC) was great and I bumped into several PA Discovery Educators while there, so don’t feel too bad for me, please.  Here are the updates…

One More Week of March Blogness
Take some time this week to read your colleagues guest blogs and comment.  Also, if you haven’t subscribed to the PA (and Delaware) DEN blog, you still have time to earn your free DEN bag tag.

Don’t Forget to Apply for the DEN Summer Regional Institute
Applications for our DEN Regional Institute must be in by March 31 (5 PM EST).  I strongly encourage you to apply.  Since we have the most DEN members out of any other state in the country, we will be able to accept more Discovery Educators than any other state to attend our institute. 

Discovery Educator Abroad
Check out www.DiscoveryEducatorAbroad.com to follow a Discovery Educator’s adventures as he journeys with the cast and crew of the Travel Channel show 5 Takes: Pacific Rim. 

He will be blogging four times per week, creating 2 webisodes per week, and sharing tons of digital photos as he travels around Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and other parts of the Pacific Rim.  Students and Teachers around the world can vote on different places for Josh to go visit, as well as ask him questions on the message boards and have him research things for him.  This is a fantatsic opportunity for students to travel virtually through a Discovery Educator.  In addition, their suggestions will influence his webisodes, which will eventually make their way into unitedstreaming!

Use Cosmeo as a Fundraiser
Cosmeo is a new product by Discovery that is designed for helping students with their homework, research, etc.  It includes video clips, images, articles, tutorials, interactives, you name it.  When a student does a search for volcanoes, he/she is presented with an abundance of resources to help him/her learn everything in the world about the topic. 

Schools that are interested/willing to help spread the word to their faculty and parents via letters home, maybe a presentation at parent night, posters around the school, etc. can use Cosmeo as a fundraiser.  It is a fundraiser that requires very little leg work or manpower (or womanpower), but it is something that I honestly believe is a no-brainer.  Just like the GIANT card bonus points go to a school, so can the credit for parents who get Cosmeo for their kids.

Summer 2006: The New unitedstreaming

Have a restful weekend and if you are still waiting for a reply to an email you sent me, I’ll get right on it after Villanova thumps BC.


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