A Grand Slam!

What an experience! I truly believe from the comments I heard in the booths, through email, and on other blog posts that our first FETC pre-conference event was a Grand Slam! I haven’t had time to totally soak everything in since I drove to South Carolina to present at the Future Business Leaders of America State Conference. I almost feel guilty for not posting sooner. We have some guest bloggers that will be posting on this site soon, so I’ll keep my comments brief. Instead I want you to check out the following blogs: Discovery National Blog by Scott Kinney, Brook Peabody from Polk County, and Thomas Allison from Alachua County .

I also want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone who pitched in and helped make FETC a success. It definitely was a team effort and thank goodness Discovery Educator Network is a winning team! Carole Gooden and Debbie Bohanan did fantastic presentations representing Discovery Educator Members. Brannen Kenny’s presentation on Discovery Health Connections had rave reviews. Katherine Aiken from Georgia, Jannita Demian from California, and Lance Rougeux from Pennsylvania did fantastic presentations on all the new and cool ways to use unitedstreaming, and they gave so much of themselves before the conference to make sure everything was just right. Dawn Strunk from New England was invaluable with her willingness to help in any way! Matt Monjan, Craig Halper and Shelley Santora Jones could not be stumped! Almost, but not quite. What did you think of the sneak peek of the new unitedstreaming? Scott Kinney, Steve Dembo, and Betsy Whalen – well they are of course just fantastic! And what about that opening pitch from Ron Reed?! I enjoyed his stories so much! And of course, Osceola County for hosting the event. Karen and I learned so much and are already planning for next year! I hope I didn’t forget anyone, but it was a true team effort!

I hope everyone had a great time and learned a lot. The dinner at Dixie Crossroads gave us plenty of time to network and meet the National Blog Winners and the Elite Educational Bloggers. Betty in Polk County promised she’d share the notes she passed back and forth with Frank Lebanca and Wesley Fryer mentioned interest in attending future Discovery Educator Events!

Just in case you didn’t hear the news, Florida is having a special statewide contest. (Download florida_challenge.doc ) If you need help to add your events to the calendar, let me know. Karen and I have a friendly wager on who’s region is going to win. I say it’s the North side. I met some wonderful people from the South (hi everyone from Palm Beach!), but still, my North DEN Members are promising me a victory!

Don’t forget to apply for the Summer Regional Institute! Email me your applications by March 31st!

Oh, and if you have resources ready to load to the website but need help – email me on that too! I’ll be working on uploading Monday and Tuesday myself. We need to build our resources!

So much for being brief. Have a great week!


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  1. Sue Hannan said:

    Thanks for a wonderful day of sharing and learning. All of the break-out sessions were interesting and informative.
    Hope Jannita finally got to see an alligator.

  2. Lee Kolbert said:

    You guys hit it out of the ballpark! I got more out of my one day with you than I did with 3 days at FETC!
    What an amazing day of sharing resources and talking to other teachers who share the same enthusiasm for digital learning. I can’t wait for the next event. Thanks for all you did to make this terrific event happen!

  3. Tom Turner said:


    I just wanted again to say THANK YOU for a great FETC conference this year. If you can believe it, I walked away this year with a WEALTH of knowledge that is already in the implementation process. What a way to spend your spring break eh? Working on lesson and unit plans with United Streaming Videos!!!

    Between talking with you on numerous occasions as well as Matt, Craig and Lance I feel that being part of the DEN is like belonging to a community.

    Thanks again!

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