Some Things Are Worth the Wait

V3 Wow!  Check out the new logo for V3 (also known as unitedstreaming Version 3)  Product Development has been hard at work taking all your suggestions to heart.  Our next version will be released in Summer of 2006 and include new features such as audio clips, animations, writing prompt generator, best practice videos, new professional development opportunities, more current and relevant video content, a more robust search, and easier to use website interface.  Stay tuned for more!


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  1. Grace Hauseur said:

    Jannita, thanks for sharing the new Version 3 logo and the info about the release. I was planning summer staff development to train our teachers about the version 2 tools that were released on October 11, 2005 who haven’t had the time to get into all the new tools due to other staff development rollouts during the school year. BUT, if V3 is coming this summer, maybe I should wait so that I can train them using the newest version. Do you have a more specific release date than a span of three months? If the release is in mid August, I could offer trainings then so our teachers will be able to use all the new features as they plan for the new school year.
    Grace in Del Mar

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