Streamer Gets Caught by Hospital Staff

I just spent an incredible 3 days in Florida for the FETC conference.  Wow… now that is one GIGANTIC state conference… so big it’s larger than some "National Conferences"  I was able to spend 2 days in our Discovery booth, where unitedstreaming fans and evangelists always come by and cheer us on.  But Wednesday, I heard the best story yet…

A man came up to the booth and was telling us how much he loved unitedstreaming.  He was in remission from brain cancer and had been in the hospital for about 5 weeks after the surgery.  He explained that to keep his brain entertained during his visit, he had managed to convince one of the nurses to give him the password to their wireless Internet.  Every day he would spend hours watching videos of topics that interest him.  Then one afternoon the main IT guy came barreling in the door and gave him a major scolding to say the least, as he was not suppose to even have access to their wireless.  Of course, being devoted he never confessed the nurses name who gave him the access, but he did hear an all nurse mandatory meeting call go over the speaker system. 

So the lesson here is… be nice to your nurses and use unitedstreaming for you too!


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  1. Grace Hauseur said:

    Jannita, if we all get organized and demand that Will Ferrell include a STREAMER scene/segment in his next movie, then viewers will be sure to make the connection to his STREAKER scene in “Old School” and will get the inside joke. How many uniterstreaming streamers are there now? 1.5 million? Think about it – when John Travolta wore a UCSC Banana Slug tshirt in “Pulp Fiction” he forever increased the visability of their mascot.


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