What a hit!

Fetc_006_1 The Discovery Educator Network’s FETC preconference unitedstreaming Spring Training at TECO was a hit!  No amount of planning, room decorating or list making can compare to the joy of an event full of happy teachers!  Over 80 educators and 15 Discovery Team members enjoyed a morning of training and and afternoon of sharing on unitedstreaming, Discovery Health Connection, Cosmeo and the Discovery Educator Network.  Danielle Abernethy has super details on her blog for your enjoyment. The breakouts were professionally fun and the teachers told endless stories of what they learned and how much they appreicated the day.  Most of the teachers even gave up their Spring break to be a part of this professional development day.   During the afternoon sharing, the DEN team broke out with the Cracker Jack Attack to make sure everyone was still into our Spring Training theme and having fun. Carole_2

On Thursday and Friday in the Discovery Booth, our very own Carole Gooden and Debbie Bohanan presented their expertise on unitedstreaming.  Debbie not only showed the teachers how to edit unitedstreaming clips with iMovie, but actually created a video during the presentation with the teachers and edited it right there for them!  What a pioneer.    One of the most exciting announcements came from Matt Monjan, one of our Florida Implementation reps to a crowd of 200+ educators.  If you were unable to attend the kick off of this cool promotion, you can read all about it Download florida_challenge.doc .

Danielle and I are most grateful to the teachers who came and made connections with other educators across the state and Southeastern US.  We are also grateful for the tremedously talented DEN team who pulled everything together for us.  Fetc_012_2 Fetc_039_2 Fetc_045Fetc_023Fetc_013


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  1. Sue Hannan said:

    The Discovery Educator’s Spring Training was a wonderful experience. I’ve had so much fun with Google Earth. Lance gave an outstanding presentation. Jannita was so excited about her 50 ways to use unitedstreaming…her excitement naturally carried over to everyone in her presentation. In Katherine’s session I was able to take away some new things to do in Powerpoint and can’t wait to check out her sea-to-shining- sea chit chat. It was a great time. Thanks for the invitation. 🙂

  2. Lee Kolbert said:

    Spring Training was terrific! Thank you for such a fun, informative day. Spending the day with other teachers who share the same enthusiasm for using digital media in their classrooms was icing on the cake. It was wonderful meeting everyone and I’m looking forward to the next event.

  3. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Thank you Discovery for enabling us to have such a wonderful preconference experience! It was a pleasure presenting for you and I hope that everyone was able to learn some great ways to use United Streaming in their classroom! I will be forwarding the directions for downloading editable United Streaming clips for use in iMovie to Karen so she can post them on the site.

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