Quick and easy polls for your website

Link: The Tech Savvy Educator ? Blog Archive ? Poll your students online, for free!.

Ben at the Tech Savvy Educator has shared a great tool for getting student feedback quickly and easily through your website or blog.  The site is called Blogpoll.

[You could] use Blogpoll as a tool to focus students on what they learned the
previous day as they walk into class. They can sit down, answer the
question (or two or three if you choose) before starting class, and
without having to ask for raised hands or checking homework you can
tell by looking at the poll how many students understood the assignment
or are “up to speed” on a particular subject.

It’s quick and easy to use.  Just fill in the blanks and then copy the source into your blog post.  I love the fact that it’s free, but it is clearly ad sponsored.  The page that you go to after you vote is chock full of ads from Google.  Still, the simplicity of it and easy of use definitely has a distinct appeal.


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  1. Loren Nowak said:

    Steve – this is really nice. I was worried about the ads, but they don’t seem to be too bad (content wise). There are some nice new survey tools out there now and I’m always interested to see who is using what. In the past, I have used the survey tool in our district’s eChalk system. This is a fee based ASP that we contract to provide email and web hosting services. I think the survey tool is a little lack-lustre, but it works. Also, ZOOMERANG is pretty neat (see http://www.zoomerang.com) As long as you get your results out within 10 days from the start date of your poll, the free account works well. But this doesn’t show you a Poll Results Summary graph like BlogPoll does. Thanks for the new idea. It’s pretty neat that DEN has become a new source of embedded staff development for technology interested teachers and tech specialists. I learn more each day and it’s a blast!

    Loren Nowak
    Director of Technology
    Technology Curriculum Coach
    Clarendon County District One
    Summerton, SC

  2. Mark Hall said:

    I’ve seen these on other sites and had never thought about the educational uses of them. I recently set up my blog and podcasting pages that I intend to use with my classes next year and I will definitely include this on some of the blogs. Thanks for the great tip.

  3. Ben said:

    Thanks for the nod Steve; that’s twice I’m indebted to you. I’ll have to make sure to stop by one of your sessions in Holland when you’re there in May and take lots of great notes 🙂

    I’m glad that the tool is useful, but more importantly I’m glad that my community is finally starting to get some traction in the Ed Tech community as the original idea for using Blogpoll came from one of my moderators on the forum.

  4. Pam Nielson said:

    Blogpoll does sound interesting, but I can’t see myself using it IN the classroom unless I (magically) receive enough computers for every student. Ha! Ha!

    I can see using it in the computer lab in conjunction with Webquests or United Streaming video clips to check understanding and foster discussions. I can also see using it on a blog or website to get student and parent feedback about my teaching practices. I have done a survey like that before through my account at Quia (www.quia.com).

    Thanks for igniting some ideas…The more I think about it and reflect, the more I realize its potential.

  5. Sally Walter said:

    I just love the blogpoll! The idea would certainly work in classrooms with many computers. However, the polls can be completed by students from their own homes by adding it to the school website. In my first grade classroom we have five computers. All the children could vote fairly quickly once they are trained how to do it. The polls could be a regular addition to the math program where we are exploring ways to group or graph responses to questions.

    This morning I created a poll which will be used to publicize and get ideas for an upcoming visit from Gerard Newsom, the new DEN manager for Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky. The link for the poll will be in an email to the teachers and staff at West Hills Elementary School. I know they will be excited to have Mr. Newsom coming to see us in TN and sharing the latest information about the Discovery Educator Network and Unitedstreaming.

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