The DEN’s first podcast!

The Discovery Educator Network is very pleased to bring you our very first podcast!  We know who the stars of the DEN are, and they aren’t the people recieving paychecks from Discovery.  The real stars are the teachers who are passionate about education and are willing to take the time to share their knowledge with other teachers.  So it’s only fitting that our podcast focus on Discovery Educators themselves and their thoughts about technology and education.  All of the interviews for this podcast were recorded at the TCEA conference in Texas. 

The featured Discovery Educators are:

Phyllis Mullane – El Paso ISD   

Judy Riggle – Borger ISD 

Arturo Guajardo – Austin ISD   

Gay Grissom, Sherry Brott, Pam Neven – Carroll ISD   

A special thanks to Chris Marshall and Michelle Weeks for organizing the the DEN events at TCEA.  If you want to read more about them, here are a few blog posts!

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  1. Aaron Smith said:

    Sweet! I’m listening to it right now – it’s great to hear interviews with actual teachers talking about how they’re using tech in their classrooms.

    Any chance that DEN will do this for all their events?

  2. Beth Killian said:

    I just listened to this podcast. Awesome! I liked the idea about using the PowerPoint and incorporating the video clips. I haven’t done this yet, but now I feel more comfortable in trying it. I did find it difficult to hear the speakers with all of the background noise.

  3. Pam Nielson said:

    I listened to this podcast yesterday and I loved being able to hear what other teachers are doing in their classroom–especially those in other parts of the country. It is very exciting to hear others in education who are passionate and excited about technology.

    I do hope that more of these types of podcasts are made available, but I have one minor request. Could the interviews take place in a less crowded room? The mics that were used are so good that they pick up all the sound, including the “noise” in the background. Sometimes it was difficult to hear the teachers.

  4. Bill Lewis said:

    Texas DEN Rocks! Thanks for posting these fantastic interviews. The knowledge base in the DEN is out of this world. The innovation of this group is really in the forefront of instructing our 21st century students. We need to form a DEN Charter school, in Texas of course : ) Each event keeps getting better and we are still just scratching the surface of the possibilities. Arutro talked about many different multimedia initiatives in Austin ISD with VIDA, etc. He narrates the point that UStreaming is best used when leveraged with other resources and part of a larger instructional program and not always as a stand alone.
    Thanks again to Discovery for providing us with such great people and resources.

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