Have You Met Cosmeo?

Have you heard about Cosmeo yet? If not, you’re sure to see a commercial or read a newspaper article about this new home resource soon. Like some DEN members and active unitedstreaming users, I have watched this remarkable resource evolve from a product called Discovery Learning Connection as it was being studied in test markets to the final product that was recently unveiled to the world as Cosmeo. I have been excited about the potential for a home resource like this for some time, and yet as I have taken a careful look over the past weeks at all of the features that Cosmeo includes, I have been more impressed than ever.

Cosmeo1_3 In short, Cosmeo is a comprehensive digital library that includes more than 30,000 video clips, interactive learning games, online reference materials, and homework help modules. All of the videos in the Cosmeo library have been copyright-cleared for students and parents to use in a home setting.

To test how a student might use this resource in conjunction with a homework assignment, I decided to investigate materials related to a topic that is garnering a great deal of attention in the news recently—immigration. By typing the single word “immigration” in the Search field, I had immediate access to nearly 60 video clips, almost 100 high quality images, and over a hundred encyclopedia articles on related topics. When I used a slight variation of the original search term—“immigrant”—I was presented with over 100 video clips, nearly 200 images, and more than 540 total resources. By watching video clips related to the patterns of immigration into our country, reading about legislation designed to control immigrant movement in earlier generations, and examining historic photographs, I would be able to develop a clearer and more accurate understanding of the issues that face our nation today. That is the power of Cosmeo.

Summer is quickly approaching, and studies show that retention of concepts and skills taught during the school year is a problem for students at all grade levels during the summer months. I have raised this issue with a few DEN members already, but I am curious to hear from other DEN members about ways that a home resource like Cosmeo might help students to retain more knowledge and even advance their skills and understanding of important concepts. I encourage you to take a look at Cosmeo for yourself—just go to www.cosmeo.com . You can look at many of the features on the site without a log-in, and you can also get a free 30 day trial to have complete access to the site. Let us know how you think a home-based digital resource like this could help students to achieve higher results in school.


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  1. Katherine Aiken said:

    I like your description of Cosmeo, and your accompanying photo. I might have to “borrow” some of your key words and phrases to promote Cosmeo on the GA DEN blog!
    Your “call to action” for DEN members to share their ideas of how Cosmeo might help students to retain knowledge over the summer is also EXCELLENT!

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