Someone won a DVD Burner!

Someone won!

Please keep checking back as the announcement will be online in just a short bit!  The following WI DEN Members qualified for the raffle!

Rita Mortenson
Mary Hinton
Brian Bartel
Deb Donley
Kate Pagel
Rachel Yurk
Matt Malcore
Lisa Risch
Jeremy Miller
Bill Lemberg
Keith Schroeder
Frank Devereau
Nan Andrews

Everyone one who completed the online Interactive Trainings and the DEN Module Interactive Trainings is a winner for being committed to becoming experts in the integration of unitedstreaming in the classroom.  One of the above DEN members has a special reward:  a Sony external DVD dual layer burner which will make his/her movie making, data storage, and backups a lot easier from here on in!!

I videotaped the raffle and had some DEN members assist in drawing the name of the winner.  Hang in there… the movieclip will be uploaded in a bit!


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  1. Beth Killian said:

    Congratulations! I’m looking forward to joining this list of WI DEN Members soon.

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