Weekly Update: March 31, 2006

Hi, everyone.  I know it is sad to see March Blogness come to an end, so I’ve included all sorts of really cool updates this week to help you deal with blog-withdrawal.  Here they are…

March Blogness Champions
The last week truly was madness (or blogness).  As comments came rolling in and Brad O’Donnell (East Bracket) battled it out with Peggy and Jim (West Bracket), I had the pleasure of approving each of the comments that flooded my email and made me truly understand the definition of March Madness.  When it was all said and done, Peggy and Jim’s second half scoring streak pushed them over the top.  Congrats to Peggy and Jim and all of the guest bloggers who made the last two weeks really informative and entertaining.

Also, if you subscribed to the PA/DE Blog this month, your bag tag will be on its way.  If you haven’t done so, you still have a few minutes or hours (depending on how quickly you check your weekly updates).

DEN Summer Regional Institute Applications Close Today
Applications for our DEN Regional Institute were due today.  If you applied for the institute, you will be notified on April 10.

DEN Challenge: Capture the Inner Harbor
Over a dozen PA DEN members have already signed on for our event in Baltimore.  I can add a few more to the crews if you are still interested.  Let me know by April 7.  For more info, check the blog post.

Discovery Educator Abroad
If you are interested in participating in a webinar with Josh (our Discovery Educator who is traveling on the Pacific Rim project), let me know and I’ll have our training team send you an invitation.

Jennifer Dorman in eSchool News
More fame in our PA DEN..check it out.

Digital Connections Summer Professional Development
The program, Digital Connections 2006: Creating Projects that Pop! will combine Interactive Training, Webinars, and hands-on workshops.  This is a great free way to facilitate a hands-on unitedstreaming workshop at your school this summer.

We will provide the content for these 1/2 day workshops, including the Webinars and the hands-on sessions. The facilitator’s role is to identify participants, schedule the workshop date and book a training room at your school for the day of the workshop.

If you want more details, let me know and check out the PDF below.

Download digital_connections_2006_awareness_flyer.pdf

Enjoy the rest of March.  And, since I won’t see all of you on April Fool’s Day, please do one of the following for me: 1) throw toilet paper in the trees outside your house, 2) put fake vomit on your living room carpet, or 3) tape a sign to your back that says, “Kick me, I love National Geographic.”


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