Who's a Winner?

The answer: ANYONE who uses unitedstreaming in their curriculum! But Florida teachers and Discovery Educator Network Members have an extra shot at becoming a winner.

At FETC at 9:15 am on Thursday Morning, Matt Monjan announced our first statewide contest. Lost your copy of the flyer? I’ve got one for you right here!  Download florida_challenge.doc The rules are right over to your left hand side of the blog. Pretty straight forward.

DEN members, please remember to log your events on the calendar and email them to me each week. If you are having a problem logging your events on the DEN Website, contact me. Kits must be requested at least 3 weeks in advance (available for DEN members only). Emailing me the log just helps me verify that no events were "lost". If you know of someone doing a training in your school district that is not a member, ask them if you can log it on the event for them.

Not a DEN member, but want to win too? ANY FLORIDA unitedstreaming user has a chance to win a 1 Gig USB drive by being the most active user of unitedstreaming. Log in for your chance to win!

I’m in Putnam County right now and they are doing events all week long. More are planned for following weeks in order to increase their chances and their use of unitedstreaming. Polk County has been actively adding events to the calendar. Who else plans on stepping up to the challenge?

Computer_drinking_sm_clr While trying to find Internet in Palatka, I discovered this little coffee shop – Jeansonne’s Coffee Shop and Cafe. I truly recommend the Berry Custard or fruit salad. On Tuesday nights they have movie night, and tonight it’s a sci-fi movie. I think I’ll go enjoy. I’ve completed 5 events myself these past two days and have 6 more planned the rest of the week. This weekend, I’m going to go catch Bill Cosby at Sea World. He’s free if you can find a seat. Let me know if you’re going and I’ll save you a seat. I plan to be there early.

Challenge question to make sure someone out there is reading this: Do you know where you can find access to Internet in your hometown? I found this cafe in Palatka and the Flying J truck stop on 95. Who offers wifi (or wifie as the hotel owner calls it) in your town? Valuable information. I have a prize for the first and 4th person to respond with some place unique in your area.


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  1. Karen Seddon said:

    Cute post, Danielle. Can’t help you with a hook up for wifi, but you are obviously ingenious at finding ways to get online. I don’t count as the first post North Florida DEN members, don’t worry!

  2. Cindy Pugh said:

    In Crescent City, we are so up-to-date that the public library is about the only place.

  3. Marsha Cruce said:

    Danielle has been a good sport about our county’s lack of wireless services. But I think we can still talk her into moving here if we all try really hard. I am emailing McDoanlds today to see why they advertise wi-fi but don’t really have it! The training in Putnam County is generating a lot of excitement. This morning at Price Middle School was especially fun because every teacher there is set up with a laptop and a projector in their room. They see the possibilities instantly. Thanks Danielle for working so hard in Putnam!

  4. Mark Hall said:

    Don’t count me either, I’ll leave the prize for a NOrth Flordia member but I think the most unique place in our town to get WIFI is anyplace. Our town, Saint Cloud, FL has installed WIFI that covers the entire city and is free to everyone. That’s an offer that’s hard to beat.

  5. Shellbelle said:

    I ran this by A+ and he agreed that a cigar shop is unique place for “wifie”, Palatkan for “wifi”.
    Not a bad little pun considering the probable most common use for the service…at least according to the crime statistics for Putnam.

    Mandarin Cigar Company
    10950-65 San Jose Blvd
    Jacksonville FL 32223

    Incidentally, the owner of the coffee shop is also the guy that is going to build condominiums on the river in Palatka…so help may be on the way for use hicks.

  6. Shellbelle said:

    Hey, Danielle, maybe the hotel clerk’s pronounciation was apt, considering the most likely use of “wifie” in Palatka – at least according to Putnam Sheriff’s office crime statistice.

    A+ thought the following location in Jacksonville was a pretty cool place to log in:

    Mandarin Cigar Company
    10950-65 San Jose Blvd
    Jacksonville FL 32223

    Since I am a smoker, I agree.

  7. Brook said:

    Lakeland has a WiFi hot spot that is free. It is Munn Park in the Downtown Business district. You can sit in the park and relax with your laptop and lunch.

  8. Christy Smith said:

    Hi Danielle, I’m finally a DEN member, thanks! And as far as wifi in Palatka, Bellsouth is supposed to be getting wireless in our county, it is being tested currently, but I live about 10 miles out of the area, so no luck to me. They advertised in our paper about 4 months ago, and I called the number and spoke to a rep, but they have not contacted me back to let me know when I can get it!

  9. Richard Wendel said:

    First…wifi in St. Augustine is supposedly good @ Woody’s in Coblestone Shopping Plaza, on 312, and also I saw a sign at the Krystal’s on US1, south of 312, advertising that they too offerend free wifi, but alas, also untested. YMMV

    Second, Christy, the WiFi offered by BellSouth in Palatka is primarily focused @ people along the highway 20 corridor, west towards Interlachen. In fact, I believe that is does reach the east side of Interlachen, but I am not sure. The only actual tower they have up currently is the Palatka water tower, with plans on also attaching to a cell tower along hwy 20, which should give them very good range. I did use it in the beta, but was unpleased with the service, but that was due to where my house lay in line with more trees than most between me and the tower. After the beta, I went with Road Runner, as it is available here ;). There was a transition period when it went from beta to ‘pay-for’ that you would have had some issues in getting someone, but you may want to try back now. I know the guys that actually set it up. I used to work in IT @ SJRCC, and we used the beta out there to offer local WiFi to the students, thats the only reason I knew about it ;).

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