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Now that FCAT is finished and Spring Break is over for most, I’d like to write you once a week with a Tuesday Tip.  We finally have a chance to be a little more creative than the rest of the year.  In fact, you know and I know that we NEED to be more creative in these last few weeks.  What would be better than adding a unitedstreaming video to your lesson? Playlists are an incredibly efficient way to get back to those movies you really like without having to search again. 

Here’s the tips for the week:

• Begin thinking in themes or units.
• Search by keyword or try clicking the Advanced Search and experiment with some combinations.
• Search by one Sunshine State Standard.
• Gather as many movies as you can by clicking the “a” button.  This area will allow you to put your movies into a playlist.
• Make as many playlists as you like.
• Consider “dividing” and conquering the work with a teammate and then share the playlists with each other.

Now for a little incentive for you.  From this Tuesday 4/4/06 to next Tuesday 4/11/06, the teacher who comes up with the most creative way to use a playlist will win a Discovery Education black polo shirt!  In the event of a tie, the other teacher will win a pen drive. (You can choose between the two if you like!)

Be sure an email your ideas to me.  Try using that wonderful PRINT SCREEN key and capture your playlist. The sample below was made by clicking Print Screen (usually right next to the F12 key) and pasting into PowerPoint.  I selected the crop tool and chopped off all the unwanted parts of the screen and then did as "save as", dropped the second field (Save as type:) to  JPEG File Interchange format (*.jpg) and then inserted it into this blog. Playlist_1

Have a great week,

As always, I am
Ubiquitously yours,


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  1. Irini Handjieva said:

    Way to go, Fotini!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Danielle Abernethy said:

    If you are an administrator, you can add videos from the Professional Library Section and share it with your School. Include the videos that you want your teachers to watch, such as the ASCD videos on EDUCATING EVERYONE’S CHILD. You can even create quizzes on these videos and reward teachers for watching the videos and passing the quizzes. A great way to get in some professional development time!

    And this one doesn’t count towards the shirt.

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