Okay… I will confess that some days are more fun than others!  After Saturday night, the long hours paid off when we got to hang out with 2 of the most incredibly talented and crazy guys Discovery has… yep… Adam and Jamie of the Myth Busters.  After working BUSTIN our tails off in the booth, we were treated to a special meet and greet session with Adam and Jamie at the Marriott hotel. I was so impressed with their “guy next door” demeanors.  No arrogant movie star attitude in that room… in fact I found it completely humbling that they were actually thanking us for all the work we were doing with teachers.

Later that evening we had dinner at the NSTA Presidential Banquet and Adam and Jaimie spoke for about 45 minutes about teaching, science, their jobs, how they got started.  The audience’s favorite part was when we opened the mics to their questions.  The 1st person to the mic wanted to know how teachers could find out ahead of time what episodes would be airing so they could be prepared to field all the questions by students the next morning, like how to capture farts!  I almost feel over laughing.  I also enjoyed listening and watching Adam poke fun of Jamie.  The last question of the night was by CA DEN member Carol Anne’s daughter Macy who explained that her mother teaches students with visual impairments and wondered if they have ever considered busting the myth that “Blind people of super sonic powers.”  The audience cheered loudly as the Adam and Jamie said they will definitely start thinking of ways to BUST that MYTH!

What Myth would you like to see Adam and Jamie bust?!?

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