National Science Teacher Association ( NSTA )

I think that this conference was by far the best one I have seen yet.  In fact, I really encourage all teachers to attend the NSTA.  You better bring some money, because if you are anything like me, Hall Davidson, or Katherine Aiken you will want to buy everything you see!  (Yikes… hope my husband doesn’t read this post or my bank statement this month!)  Where else can you buy everything from some crazy powder that turns into fluffy snow, magic sand, human body models, lizards, magnetic balls that sing, and our favorite… massagers!  (I bought everything but the lizards and human body models) 

Hats off to Laurie and Mari for an incredible marketing campaign.  It was definitely all about the Myth Busters.  We had these terrific sandwich boards that we walked around with.  Teachers loved them so much they were willing to pay to actually have the opportunity to wear it.  We also passed out some fantastic Discovery Education lab coats during our theater presentations which were packed every time. Our booth was definitely the best there!  So many people were just amazed at our new look! And believe it or not we working hard… even though you can see that we clearly had fun through the pictures! 

Busted To_the_moon Watch_out_monika Who_ya_gonna_call_myth_busters  Ca_tx_and_nc_field_managersCrime_scenePacked_booth One_more_minute_1 Sandra_meSteve_and_matt_the_scholars Dont_drop_laurie Hanging_with_mr_bones Judy_kathy_meKatherine_the_myth_chick_1


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