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Thank you so much for checking out the Tuesday Tips. Fotini Guzman and Debbie Bohanan are the winners of the best Playlist idea! Fotini uses the optional description section of the playlist for internet links. It gives her quick access to sites without having to have two browsers open or another document. This led to a great discussion that went something like this: "Fotini, have you ever tried Assignment Builder? You can preserve your whole lesson including standards, websites, videos, images and more all in one place?" Fotini is so much fun that once she checked out Assignment Builder, she said, "Oh my, this is addictive!" Check out her screen shots.  Guzman_us_playlist_edit Guzman_us_playlist

Debbie uses her playlist as a webquest with video. She gathers all her research on a particular topic, creates a separate playlist just for that area of study and then shares is with the teachers in her school. I’ve attached her playlist/webquest for you here.  Download bohanan_hurricanes_united_streaming.doc

This week I would like to intrigue you with what I believe is the least used area of unitedstreaming, but perhaps the most robust – the Teacher Feature. The reason I believe it doesn’t get its proper attention is because there are so many other things that grab our attention in the Learning Tools section. Once in Learning Tools, you can’t help it if your mouse starts clicking away on those cute little icons for calendar, image library, quiz center, Assignment Builder, clip art gallery, lesson plans or the famous writing prompts, but you are missing out big time if you haven’t moved that little mouse up to the top of the screen. There is a little, little hyperlink that takes you to complete units! This week Discovery is featuring two big items: Literacy and a new interactive study on the Arctic. Come on, let that mouse find its way to this HUGE gift. (Don’t miss the archived Teacher Features!)Teacher_feature_1

For your Tuesday incentive, from this Tuesday 4/11 to next Tuesday 4/18, let me know if you have used this Teacher Feature and how. Put your answers in the comments section below. If you haven’t, check it out and tell me how you would use it. The top two will receive their choice of a set of four classroom posters from the student poster contest (they are cool!) or a Discovery Educator t-shirt!

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