Where's Bill Nye?

So… those of you who know me will totally appreciate my recent CLM (Career Limiting Move). My colleagues have threatened to blog this, so I figured I would beat them to the punch. So here’s my humbling story….

Discovery Education sponsored an incredible VIP cocktail reception at NSTA, so I invited a few of our DEN members who were attending the conference.  I was hanging out with Katherine Aiken, DEN Regional manager, when Sandra my DEN member informed me that her co-worker had gone to get her camera after she had seen Bill Nye.  In total Jannita fashion I counter, “Bill Nye’s not here is he?”  They responded look down.  Literally 2 feet from where I was standing Bill Nye, yes… that would be Bill Nye the Science Guy…. was sitting down at a table. UGHH… I wanted to crawl in a hole!  Here’s hoping he didn’t hear!  Needless to say, I was thrilled that our team was able to grab a photo with him.  I can’t wait to show my old students.  Have you ever wondered how he got his start?!?  He was actually an engineer at Boeing. Now you are probably asking, what type of transition do you have from engineer at Boeing to Wacky Scientist.  Well, he did a radio comedy show for a while.   What other fascinating facts do you know about Bill Nye? Do you know that we have several Bill Nye science videos on unitedstreaming?!?  Do a key word search by his name!

Bill_nye_and_the_gang Nye_the_toast_master The_science_guy


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