Discovery and Google: WOW!

Discoverygoogle Discovery and Google Earth have together created a great new video tool that links Discovery video and the terrain images of Google Earth.  You must have Google Earth installed for this to work (get it here free). If you have Google Earth, click on the kml file below.  It will launch a Google Earth layer that will open links to videos about each of the linked national parks.  


There is more than one video hidden at each blue globe. These are great Discovery videos with themes that tie to each national park. (Yes, you might just see an ad at the beginning–but it’s shorter than a commercial break on Fox). 

Googleblog1 If you have been to a DEN event or read the blog postings about embedding videos and images into the maps of Googel Earth, you know what a powerful use of technology it can be (especially with curriculum-based unitedstreaming videos, of course).  In the second image here, you might just see the picture of the first prime minister of Canada at the top of the frame.  If you could zoom in, you’d find the picture of a student by his home town (that’s from my own hard drive and only shows up on my computer, where I screen snapped this shot).  For more info on embedding images into Google Earth, check with your DEN field manager.  Obviously, there’s going to be more to come, and the DEN will have it first.  If you have comments, I’d love to read them below.  [Geek note:  These video launches are kml files, instead of the usual shared kmz files]

Download nationalparks.kml 


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  1. Jewell Folta said:

    Wow! is right!!! I can’t wait to experience and share this extraordinary union!! Thank you!!

  2. Karen Seddon said:

    Wow! How cool is Google Earth. I am going to be doing an inservice in my home on May 3rd to create virtual field trips with Google Earth and unitedstreaming. I can’t wait to see what the teachers come up with. They are so creative. Oh, why would I have a training in my home? My city, St. Cloud, FL is the first city in the nation to have FREE internet access for every citizen and their guests! Teachers in the area can bring their laptops, log onto CyberSpot and collaborate with each other. Check out the DEN website for more information.

    As always, I am,
    Ubiquitously yours,

  3. Joe Brennan said:

    Very cool, Hall! I’m going on a global awareness storytelling trip to Germany and Prague this summer. I definitely need to learn how to do this.

  4. Beth Ingersoll said:

    Adding the Discovery layer to Google Earth is a fantastic resource. I can’t wait to get it out to other teachers. More than that, I want to learn how to create my own layers of United Streaming videos with Google Earth. If anyone has instructions, I can’t wait to start working on this.

  5. JOhn E. McDonald said:

    Very difficult to learn which buttons to click to start and operate the program and view my neighborhood, Santa Rosa, CA 95405.

    I just need sequence of buttons to clik.

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