What a great Good Friday! This has been a fantastic week! I heard from Putnam County trainers about sessions they completed this week, which have been posted to the calendar. Shelley Calendar_1 Thompson did a fun session on Mining for Gems in unitedstreaming at Mellon Elementary. I spent Wednesday afternoon on a webinar with Matt Monjan and Polk County, who also had trainers reporting events on the calendar. Today I enjoyed a casual meeting of the minds in Hernando County to discuss how to add events to the calendar, adding resources, being an active member, hidden gems in unitedstreaming and more.

Den_1 Cheryl Cyrus from Lake County found one of the hidden gems that Discovery Educator Network and unitedstreaming offers – the Discovery Educator Network: Training Certification. This is mentioned on the home page of Discovery Educator Network, but is found under the TEACHER CENTER of unitedstreaming. It’s a self-paced, interactive online course to prepare you for training teachers in your schools.

Here are two challenges for North Florida. One: add a comment below on your favorite gem of unitedstreaming or training tip. This should be easy for all of you since you’ve been actively holding events and training teachers. You can email it to me, but I’d really like you to share the gem with everyone by adding the comments below. Two: If you complete the DEN Certification Module, send me the certificate. Let’s run this through April 27th (Tuesday). For those who do the gem comments, you have a chance to win a Discovery Education Polo Shirt. For those who send me their certificates (and yes Kay in Polk, I have yours on file already!), you have a chance to win a computer bag (the computer does not come with the bag).

And don’t forget to keep logging those events on the calendar and send me the spreadsheet each week to help your district win the Florida Contest! Download FLEVENTS_template.xls 


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  1. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    It is so hard to say what my favorite gem in unitedstreaming is. Every time, I log on I find something else I love. The videos and video clips speak for themselves. The hardest part I have when planning for training is deciding what clips to include! The Teacher Center with the interactive training modules are wonderful and easy to use. So far I have completed the Training Certificate and Lesson 1 Features and Navigation. The Training Module was a wonderful refresher before giving my first training to teachers and staff. The Navigation and features reminded me of ways to get around and search for specific topics. So far I have learned something new every time I do one of these. Learning tools are awesome. How often is it that you need follow-up with a unit that you (the teacher) must create. Here with clip art and images and black line master, the process is so much easier and relevant to the particular unit. You even have the option of lesson plans already completed for you – all you need to do is adapt them to your specific environment. WOW
    So when I am asked what is my favorite gem in unitedstreaming I would have to answer what ever I was using that day! Or in that lesson!

  2. Autumn Stiene said:

    My favorite way to use Unitedstreaming is to combine Movie maker and and video books from Weston Woods. My first graders are currently creating summaries of these videos. I would really love to hear from other primary teachers on how they are using Unitedstreaming.

  3. Debra Gastelum said:

    It has been a good Friday. In fact it’s been a good week! We just received some new video projectors and our teachers are chomping at the bit to use them AND our principal announced an upcoming United Streaming training for the entire staff. Danielle, have you been asked to come to Jenkins Middle School for this? We’re hoping to get everyone stirred up about United Streaming. I think they’ll really like it.

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