Let the Podcasting Begin

Okay… give me this moment to be so proud… DEN member Ray and I have been trying out podcasting and he just sent me a link to his first Podcasts done by his students!  I really enjoyed listening to what his kids had to share… one student has over 800 people in her family… another shared his perspective on immigration laws… and another gave a wrap up of their recent field trip! 

He is using a free online program called Podomatic.  I took a look tonight and it seems pretty straight forward… check it out for yourself at www.podomatic.com let me know what you think!

So who else out there has their own podcasts going?!?  Post your links in the comment section so we can check it out. 

To listen to Ray’s podcasts go to http://cr13.podomatic.com


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  1. Blaine Gross said:

    This seems exciting to help students publish on the web.

    What are the steps required by your district to allow posting of student work on the web?

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