Weekly Update: April 21, 2006

Upload Resources and WIN a Trip to NECC in San Diego!
Between April 19 and May 19, 2006, Discovery Educator Network members may earn rewards by uploading resources to the Discovery Educator Network website resource library.  The resource library will ultimately be on the best aspects of the DEN and it is up to us to make it happen.  Take some time to share your resources (e.g., PowerPoints, Google Earth files, CPS files, Inspiration Maps, anything that another educator will find valuable re: the use of media in instruction) with colleagues from all over the world.

The top 10 uploaders will win a scholarship to attend NECC this July. 

Any Discovery Educator who uploads at least 2 approved resources will win a USB hub.

For more details, check here.  Also, here is a document that might help you with your uploading (courtesy of Dick Marchessault):

Download upload_tutorial.doc

Coming Soon: New unitedstreaming and Science Connection!
Take a look at the flyers below to see what is in store for the new unitedstreaming and Discovery Education Science Connection.

Download us_factsheet_v3.pdf

Science Connection:
Download science_sheet_v6.pdf

Some numbers you might find interesting about our site…
Unique visitors in April (to date): 5,732
Texas, Florida, and California all have over 500 visitors. 
Pennsylvania, Illinois and Maryland have over 300 visitors.
We have had 128 visitors from Canada, 36 from the UK and 28 from Australia. 
We’ve had at least one visitor from over 50 other countries.

Learning Adds Up
Below you will find a flyer on the Cosmeo fundraiser.  It explains how much schools can make, what percentages, etc.  Check it out!

Download learnign_adds_up_with_cosmeo.pdf

Discovery Days in PA
Just a reminder…if you are interested in a free day of professional development or in helping out at one of our May events, let me know.

000_0060May 8: Northeastern Educational IU 19
May 10: Montgomery County IU 23
May 16: Carnegie Science Center (Pittsburgh) with Pirates game to follow.  Check out the cool hat you’ll get if you come to the game with us!
May 18: Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12

More on the Google Earth Front
In case you haven’t seen how the formal partnership between Discovery and Google will work, take a look.  You can get the kmz file below (must install Google Earth first).

Download nationalparks.kml

DEN Challenge: Capture the Inner Harbor
The Inner Harbor Challenge is almost here!  I sent out an email to all who expressed interest.  Make sure to reply by today if you are still coming.

Online Graduate Courses with unitedstreaming
Several partnerships have been developed with accredited universities to offer courses that feature unitedstreaming.  If you are in need of some extra credits, check below for more details.

Download summer_06_grad_courses.pdf 

Have a wonderful Earth Day (no jokes this week, Earth Day is serious business)!  Enjoy.


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