The Fast Track to Resource Posting

When we had the vision of the Discovery Educator network, we knew the best part would be connecting teachers to each other. Because we have so many members in the DEN, the resources members share don’t have to be huge. The library can grow with small files, too. Below are some suggestions-and some challenges– for contributing resources to the DEN site. They create small file sizes which are easy to make and upload. There are examples of at the end of the post.Worddoc

I. Word documents with embedded links   Make a Word document to share great resource sites on the Internet. Copy and paste web addresses (URLs) from your browser into the Word document. Hit return and these links turn blue-hotlinks. Teachers who download the document and clicks on the link will go immediately to that website! Pretty handy. Write a brief description of what the URLs have in common and maybe a sentence or two under or after the URL. Word resource can contain as few as five good links. Following are some ideas for some hotlink lists. I’m certain DEN members will come up with better ones:

  • Links to resource sites for an American president or international leader.
  • Links for a subject area multimedia project (PowerPoint or video)
  • Links directly to articles in Wikipedia in a sheltered resource list for students (e.g., )

Word Challenge: Cell phone Camera Assignments: When kids bring cell phones to class, don’t take them away: give them an assignment. The challenge: create three assignments for kids using cell phone cameras. Post it as a resource!  (Tip: Some cell phones record audio and video, too.)  Examples:

  • Take pictures of a rhombus, a trapezoid, and a square
  • Take pictures of a plant, a mammal, and an insect.

Download SoundResourcesLite.doc


II Writing prompts

If you are a unitedstreaming user, you know about the popular writing prompts inside the unitedstreaming teacher resource section. Make a prompt with an original photo you’re certain would stimulate thinking in students. Insert it into a PowerPoint or Word document. Write a sentence or introduction and you have made an original writing prompt! The DEN can build a large library of effective prompts. An example below is from an original digital photo of a clown fish.Download WritingPromptClownfish.ppt

Placemark3 III. Google Earth resources.

This is a strategy DEN members have been using since Google Earth was released. Google Earth resources can be images, videos, or sound files. Find a resource on the Web. Copy the URL of the resource. Launch Google Earth. Find a spot on the globe that matches a resource (e.g., state capital and a picture of the governor). Click on the Placemark icon and move the pushpin to where you want it. A New Placemark box will open. Paste the URL of the video or sound file in the space for Description. Save the file by going to File and selecting Save As. Be sure to remember where the file was saved!  That file is now a resource you can share at the DEN site. Any teacher with Google Earth who clicks on that resource will be taken by Google Earth to that spot on the globe. Note: For images, use Image Overlay under Placemark. Copy the properties URL that pops up when you right click on an image or video. Download plaza_park_jhs.kmz Download NPRexampleImmigration.kmz Download working_dogs.kmz

Challenges for Google Earth image resources:

  • Images for the birthplaces of an American Presidents.
  • Math videos of theorems by where they were discovered.

IV. Sound files

Use Audacity or the recording program that came with your computer. Have them record an original poem, journal moment, or essay– or multiplication table, etc. Save this as an audio file. Give it a name with says what it is and upload it! Your students are published and this will challenge other students to do the same. Hints on using audacity are here. Public domain books and poems are here.

Good luck and good resource building!

This document as a word file (with pictures):Download ResourcesShort.doc


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  1. Jan Wee said:

    GREAT posting, Hall! Thanks for all the cool ideas. I plan to share these with my Wisconsin DEN but let’s hope they already have read your blog posting as this one is ***awesome***!

    Jan Wee, WI DEN Field Manager

  2. Rachel Yurk said:

    Audacity is great and worked well with SKYPE for a cross-continental podcast that I did with some teachers in Canada. We recorded our podcast and those files were then used to blend the podcast for true quality. Great ideas!

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