Educator Resources Rewards for Discovery Educators

Between April 19 and May 19, 2006, Discovery Educators may earn rewards by uploading resources to the Discovery Educator Network website Educator Resources Library.

Grand Prize: Discovery Educators who upload and receive approval for the most resources to the Educator Resource Library during the term of the contest will win an Educational scholarship to attend the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in San Diego July 5-7, 2006. Ten (10) Grand Prizes will be awarded.

Participation Reward: Discovery Educators who upload and receive approval for at least two (2) approved resources to the Educator Resources Library between April 19-May 19, 2006 will receive a USB hub.

Check out the EducatorResourcesUploadTutorial.doc on how to upload a resource to the Educator Resources Library.

Attached are the rules for the contest.  Download UPLOADCONTESTRULES.doc

What’s a resource?  A resource includes PowerPoint activities, Word documents, PDFs, and so on that may be used with students or teachers.  For example, you may want to upload the technology-enhanced activity that you submitted with your DEN application.  Or you may want to upload a resource that you use and feel other Discovery Educators could use in their classrooms.

Discovery Educators may both upload and download resources from the Educator Resources Library.  It’s time to share your work and let the Network share what it’s learned.


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  1. Beth Weeks said:

    Yeah me! I got my two in! And a few more…tee hee.. USB hub for me!!!
    Everyone send in some stuff… it has been awesome seeing what everyone else is doing!!!

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