Digital Connections:Summer 2006

If you are interested in hosting a unitedstreaming workshop this summer but would like to have some help with the planning and instruction, you will be pleased to hear about a powerful new initiative that has been created by the Discovery Education Professional Development team. The program is called “Digital Connections: Summer 2006” and is based around a half-day “hands-on” workshop schedule. The best news for you and the teachers you invite to the training is that the Digital Connections workshops are held right at your school or district office.

How Does Digital Connections Work?
Instead of being responsible for planning and presenting the workshop content, when you partner with the Professional Development team for a Digital Connections workshop, your role is to serve as the site facilitator who will invite participants and make sure that the onsite training space is properly prepared and outfitted for the event. The instruction will be Internet-based in “Webinar” form and will be conducted by one of the Discovery training specialists. Two specific topics—“Creating Interactive Games using PowerPoint” and “Building Dynamic Assignments”—have already been created, but you also have the opportunity to work with the Discovery team to create a customized workshop that serves your specific needs.

How Do I Become a Digital Connections On-site Facilitator?

Step 1: Identify ten or more unitedstreaming users who will attend the workshop.
Step 2: Select 1-3 potential dates and times of the workshop.
Step 3: Confirm all details by sending an e-mail message to Jaana Narsipur, the coordinator for all Digital Connections: Summer 2006” programs.
Step 4: Reserve a training space with the following resources: computers with Internet connections, a speakerphone, an LCD projector and screen, or a TV that is connected to a computer.
Step 5: Attend a scheduled “Train-the-Trainer” Webinar to get the details on workshop facilitation.

The real power of this professional development opportunity lies in the fact that you can bring your own expertise and enthusiasm to the event and work as a partner with one of the training specialists from Discovery Education who can help add insights and showcase a wide range of sample projects and implementation strategies. If you would like more information about this new program, please download the flyer by clicking on the link below. You can also contact me by e-mail for help in setting up a summer event.

Download digital_connections_2006_awareness_flyer.pdf


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