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Untitled3 I am currently in Harrisburg, PA for a East Coast Team Meeting. After a fun day of getting to know the team and planning some great projects for the year, we decided to take in a mini lesson. The lesson started at 9 PM, which proves our dedication to you!  Lance gave us a little tutorial on Google Earth, so I thought I would play around with it. (My motto is, playing leads to learning!) For those who are not familiar with Google Earth, it’s a program (FREE VERSION IS WHAT WE USE!) from Google that has so much potential for geography, science, history, and all the other wonderful subjects. I created a very short Google Earth Virtual Field Trip (topic in this month’s Resource Guide) of where I just moved from (Sumter, SC) and the place it’s often confused with (Fort Sumter, SC). All you need to do is download Google Earth, download this very small file and then open it up. Download Danielle.kmz    I’d click on the play button to go from Fort Sumter to Sumter, SC. Lance listed a great PowerPoint on his blog for those who are interested in trying this on their own. (You’ll have to scroll down to find it.)

Just think, these can be created to meet your standards, quick simple little files to upload, and count as a resource for Discovery Educator Network and our contest!(San Deigo, here comes Florida Teachers!) I know Tom Turner from Polk County is creating a virtual field trip with Google Earth. Who else is taking it for a spin? Post your comments, tips and tricks below for a fun little sweet treat. (Think, where is Harrisburg close to?)

And get those events in quickly! Just one and a half weeks left of the contest! Who’s going to win?


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  1. Tom Turner said:

    I did my Google Earth Field Trip last week. The kids were excited about using something new and of course, as the teacher, when doing something new it was VERY difficult. There definitely was alot of technical issues to go through, older equipment not being able to push Google Earth causing memory dumps, links to edited video or digital stories personally made not working through the hyperlinks in the network.

    All in all I definitely know the students learned. Over the last week I’ve been asking followup questions intermittently in our dialogues about India, so I definitely deem the project a success. But I know that I have a TONS more of work to do on it to make it even more successful.

  2. Mithrass said:

    It definitely was a challenge using something new with my class. The kids definitely were excited about trying something new out for the first time.

    As with anything new there were speedbumps to overcome and obsticals to manuever around. So it was a learning process not only for my students, but for myself as well. I learned on how to improve it for the next use in the upcoming year that’s for sure.

  3. Kathy Bunch said:

    All the news agencies are using google earth now too! You are right up with the times as always!! Thank you!

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