Resource Possibilities

This past weekend I enjoyed meeting teachers who are involved in CHILD. There I presented Digital Storytelling and met some fantastic people. Those looking for the presentation, you can find it here: Download giving_students_a_voice.pdf

While at the conference I ran into a new DEN Member, Diane, from Putnam County. We talked about resources and what should be uploaded for this contest. If you haven’t checked it out lately, go to the National Blog Website. Hall Davidson and Steve Dembo have posted some ideas on what to post. Need some more:

  • PowerPoints or lessons that go along with the CPS units and unitedstreaming
  • PowerPoints using unitedstreaming to meet state standards
  • Examples using Inspiration and unitedstreaming
  • Examples using TimeLiner and unitedsreaming
  • Lessons using Smart Boards and unitedstreaming
  • Google Earth Projects using unitedstreaming videos and photos

There are so many more possibilities! Just log in and start uploading!


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