Phew! One more week and our state contest will be coming to an end. (Officially ends May 7, 2006)Who’s going to be the winner of the district level prize? Who’s going to win the camera? The gigabyte usb drive? Who will be crowned the top unitedstreaming user in the state of Florida? One member teased me and said she wants to be crowned "Ms. Florida unitedstreaming." Will the winner be male instead? These questions do circle around my head.

I’ve been looking at the calendar daily to check out events that are being held and added in. You are all doing a wonderful job! Let me add another little something to this state contest for our North Florida DEN Members. If you have held ANY unitedstreaming event since January 1, 2006, go into the calendar and post it. I know Ruth did a couple integration lessons with Inspiration and unitedstreaming. Polk did a lot too. They won’t count for the statewide competetition, but they will count for our own promotion. I’ll draw a name from the registered North Florida events to win a laptop bag from Discovery Education. Here’s another kick, this will actually help you out for another contest —to be announced soon.

When posting events on the calendar, make sure that you put the address of the event. Otherwise, when I pull the report it won’t show your event. (It has to at least show city and state.) If you don’t want people to register for your event, mark the registration to 0. Don’t make it private. Make it public.

The National promotion for a chance to go to NECC is also still going on. Get those resources uploaded! If you had a planning meeting with a group of teachers that used unitedstreaming, that’s an event, and the lesson plan or activity could be a resource! Two birds with one stone!Female_scientist_search_earth_lg_nwm

Don’t forget to comment to blogs. I feel like I’m all alone out here in the North Florida blogging world……….I often ask myself, "is anyone out there? Does anyone read this?"

Wishing you all the best of luck in sweeping the contest!


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