From May 1, 2006 through June 30, 2006 you can earn rewards for reporting events that have taken place or you are going to host involving unitedstreaming. These events need to be placed on the Discovery Educator Network calendar. Remember to include the address in documenting the events.

DISCOVER – Through the “Tip a Day in May” learn exciting ways to enhance your classroom instruction with unitedstreaming

DELIVER – Share this new knowledge with your colleagues

DOCUMENT – Report the event to your Field Manager (Danielle Abernethy) by making sure it’s on the calendar!

What is an event?
Anytime you share the power of unitedstreaming with other educators (3 or more), you are hosting an event.  Yes, you learn a lot in those formal one hour (or more) professional development trainings – and that is an example of one event. However, how much do you learn when you’re at the lunch table talking with fellow teachers about something you taught in class today?  Or, what if you’re in a planning session and you share a video that meets that lesson’s needs? Guess what, those little informal sharing sessions are events!  Here are some other examples:

• Share an integration idea over lunch
• Demonstrate a skill to your peers, department or staff before, during or after school
• Conduct a hands-on workshops in classrooms, computer labs, training centers
• Showcase sample student work or projects at Open House or PTA meetings
• Discuss ways to use digital media during planning sessions with members of school or district instructional committees

For each reported event from January 1, 2006 through April 30, 2006 you will receive 1 ticket.  For each reported event between May 1, 2006 and June 30, 2006 you will receive 5 tickets. 

• Weekly prize: Field Manager’s Special (awarded once a week from May through June)
• “Tip a Day in May” Prize (awarded once at the end of May)
• Presenter’s Paradise (awarded in July to one DEN member in the East Coast region)

Tip a Day in May
To help you earn tickets the East Coast Team is going to provide you with a “Tip a Day in May” to share with your colleagues all the way to the end of June so you have a chance to win a little boon.  Check your state’s blog each day in May for a new idea or better yet, subscribe to the blog and have them sent to you automatically.


Best of luck North Florida as you……….



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