Discover! Deliver! Document! Help!

Cimg1231_1First, let me begin with an unoffical tip. Always try new things. I am in San Diego, CA and almost passed up an opportunity to go wading with the bat rays. I’m glad I did! Do not try this at any other marine park or even in the ocean without permission from the park, but if ever offered the opportunity – take it!Dddtix_11

Now for the official Tip of the Day in May #1 — Helpful gems!

Usually when one goes to the help section of a given product you find a userguide and contact for support. When you go to unitedstreaming’s Help section you find a whole lot more. Here are some of my favorite gems in the hidden in help:

Support Materials:
Here you can find PDF documents on how to use unitedstreaming with Third Party Software and Hardware, including Inspiration, PowerPoint and how to burn a DVD of unitedstreaming videos. (Did you know that you can burn the videos to DVD and show them on your DVD player and TV? Just another fun option for sharing the videos with your students!)

Training and Implementation:
There is a wealth of information here, but my favorites are the Sample Projects. Have you seen the Pythagorean Theorem and Baseball PowerPoint? This and many more are found right here in the Training and Implementation section in Help, and they are available for download to PC or MAC. These are addition to the lesson plans found in Learning Tools!

This is one time that the help section is more than it appears! Comment below about your favorite gem in the help section of unitedstreaming because I promise you, there are more than what I just listed!

Did you discover something new? Deliver the discovery to at least three more colleagues and show them the benefits of what you discovered. Then document on the calendar or your report form! Get points for discovering, delivering and documenting! Maybe you will win this week!


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