Palm Beach Techs in Style!

Lunch2_2 On Saturday, April 29th, Palm Beach County School District hosted one of the largest and classiest events for teachers.  Well over 1200 teachers attended this great day.


With 144 sessions to chose from, opening and closing speakers and an official exhibition floor, we all had a full day. Students1 

The weather was exceptional and there was even good food and entertainment. (The sunrises were gorgeous, too!) Boytonbeach7_1

Many of the teachers in our Discovery breakout session on Discovery Health Connection and unitedstreaming and Google Earth asked for directions and samples.  The following links will help guide you to everything you need to know to create your own virtual field trips!Placemark_1

The following files are for your use:

1.  This file will take you on the journey. Download Dolphins1.kmz
2.  For directions in PowerPoint:  Download miami_seaquarium.pps
3.  For directions in pdf format: Download miami_seaquarium.pdf

For any questions or concerns, please add your comments to this blog or email me:

Geus_2 As always, I am
Ubiquitously yours,


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  1. Lee Kolbert said:

    Thanks for your positive comments. It was wonderful having you and Brannan there with us at our 8th annual tech conference. The buzz around your booth was constant and positive feedback from your session is still coming in. Thanks also for the terrific DEN dinner and for helping out with stuffing bags and preparing presenters the night before. You are a real gem!! I’m looking forward to working with you closely some more as we plan a training event for Palm Beach County elementary technology teachers in August. Thanks again!

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